Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


I. Payment

1. I have confirmed my order, what next?

Upon submission of your cart items where you confirm your order, you will receive an automatic email that your Order has been received and you may now proceed with payment.

Note: Some users have issues receiving auto-email from us. Please check your Spam Mail. If none are received, its okay. You can still proceed with payment of your orders when you go to your Order List.

2. How do I pay for my order?

Login to your Ahgase PH account and go to Ahgamom's Corner Website > Orders :

Click open an Order, scroll down and you will see the "Proceed to Payment" button.

3. Where do I pay? / What are the available Mode of Payment?

Inside the payment page, you can click on the "?" icon beside the Mode of Payment and a pop-up will show these details.





4. What is the Transaction Code?

Depending on your mode of payment, the Transaction Code varies

For BDO : It is the Reference No.

For BPI : It is the Confirmation Number.

For CEBUANA / LBC : It is the Tracking Number.

For GCASH : It is the Ref. No.

For PAYMAYA : It is the Reference ID.

For PAYPAL : It is the Transaction ID.

5. I have submitted my payment, what's next?

By submitting your payment, the status of your order will be updated to either Partial Paid or Fully Paid.

If you submitted partial payment, you may send another payment until the Full Amount of your Order has been paid.

Your submission are considered approved unless when our admin are doing audit and found discrepancies with your payment.

If your payment has issues, you will receive an email stating that your payment was not verified. Your order will then be updated deducting the initial payment you submitted. We usually try to contact you but you can also coordinate with us (AhgasePHSupport on Twitter) to resolve the payment issue.

6. I have multiple orders but I want to transfer payment on one transaction. / I want to use same proof of payment for multiple orders.

If you want to pay full amount of your multiple orders, we suggest you use Ahga Wallet instead.

By loading your Ahga Wallet, the system stores it as your credit and let's you use it on multiple orders (as long as you have a remaining balance / available amount).

7. I want to make partial payments first. / I want to pay half the price now and pay half the price later.

The payment page allows for multiple payments as long as you will pay the total full amount prior the Deadline of Payment.

If you didn't pay the full amount, the Order Status will show : Partial Paid.

8. I received an error while submitting my payment, what do I do?

If you receive the error "Transaction Code is already in use", it means your payment was already submitted successfully. Or you may have used this proof of payment for a different Order already. Note that you can only use one proof of payment per Order. If you want to use one proof of payment for multiple orders, please use Ahga Wallet.


II. Shipping

1. How much is the Local Shipping Fee?

We publish Local Shipping Fee amount on the top of the Ahgamom's Corner page.

You can click on the type of merch you order to see which Shipping Fee would fit.

2. What are your mode of Shipping?

Our regular shipping partner is Champ courier, which is the basis of the amount of Shipping Fees in our site.

Buyers are also given an option to use Same day delivery like Grab, Lalamove, Mr Speedy, etc. We would just need to charge P30 for packing fee and they can coordinate with us when they can book the delivery. *As of 2022, we currently don't have Same Day Delivery available.

3. When are you going to ship my order?

Once we have received your selection on Mode of Delivery, your order list will then be sent to warehouse for release. Depending on your selection, the shipping will be scheduled.

For CHAMP mode of delivery, they are scheduled to pick up packages from our warehouse every Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. If you are located within Metro Manila, their riders usually deliver within 2 weeks upon pick-up. If you are located in the Province, CHAMP transfers the packages to LBC and usually takes 3-4 weeks to get delivered.

For Same Day Delivery (GRAB, Lalamove, etc.), you will receive an email reply from us on when the earliest booking will be. Schedules for Same Day Delivery are only Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. And we usually allocate by batch of schedule so that our warehouse will not be too hectic. *As of 2022, we currently don't have Same Day Delivery available.

4. Why don't you provide Tracking Number?

As stated in number 2, our regular shipping partner is Champ courier, and they usually do a bulk pick up from our warehouse.

If its within Metro Manila, their riders will ship door to door and delivery day/time may differ on location but will be delivered within the week.

If its Provincial, they will transfer it to LBC (also door to door).

All the packages picked up will be encoded by them and will provide us a report in a few weeks to charge us.

Note: Champ courier don't provide us with TN but if there's a delay and you have not receive your package in more than 3 weeks, we can coordinate with them to get your TN to monitor. They will also let us know if delivery is unsuccessful or if receiver cannot be contacted (number is unreachable).

5. When are you going to charge me with Local Shipping Fee?

From orders May 2021, we have changed the way we charge Local Shipping Fees because there were issues tracking combined shipping orders.

We don't charge Local Shipping Fees on the time you order, we will wait that your merch are already fully paid and once it has arrived in our warehouse or if the merch you ordered is ON HAND, we will contact you via email.

The email will let you know which merch from your order is available for delivery and will ask your preferred mode of delivery and charge you depending on your selection.


III. Ahgase Points

1. What is the Ahgase Points?

Ahgase Points is something an Ahgase Philippines member can earn while participating events by the fandom or is supporting GOT7 by buying merch from Ahgamom's Corner.

2. How can I use my Ahgase Points?

One way to use your Ahgase Points is by converting it as a peso value in the Ahga Wallet page (10 points = 1 peso).

For detailed instructions, click here.

You can also save your points and wait for our upcoming Ahgase Philippines market where merch can be purchased by using your points.

3. How can I earn Ahgase Points?

Per every item purchased in Ahgamom's corner, you will earn 10 pesos = 1 Ahgase Point.

Per every events participation, you will earn 10 points (unless stated on the event announcement).

4. Why is my latest order not reflecting on my status page?

Ahgase Points are being updated monthly so just wait and check it again on the following refresh.

If your account is not updated and you're missing points, do let us know via DM in twitter @AhgasePHSupport or email